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Lawn Repairs

Small Repairs:  If your lawn is a little uneven or has had minimal or no damage we recommend top dressing and reseeding. Best if done after power raking; it involves the removal of damaged turf and levelling with new soil and then reseeding. New grass will grow and blend in 8-12 weeks. Touch-ups may be required.

New turf:  For those who have had major damage and want a new lawn without waiting for it to grow in. Old lawn is completely removed, new soil installed and new turf put down. The lawn looks great instantly and will take root in 2-4 weeks. Ask us about Tall Fescue.

Hydro-seeding:   A better, faster way to grow grass from seed. Now you can have a brand new lawn for much less $ than installing new turf. We are excited to offer this!

Hydro-seeding is done by mixing a large tank (500 gallon) of water with grass seed, fertilizer, and a paper mulch.  The mixture is then sprayed onto the prepared soil.  The paper mulch helps to insulate the seed and retains moisture so that the seed will germinate more quickly and evenly. It also prevents erosion and having the grass seed wash away while watering. A Hydro-seeded lawn will grow in and be ready for use in less time than it takes for a traditionally seeded lawn to grow and typically costs 40% to 50% less than the price of installing new turf.


If you are ready to put in a new lawn, we recommend using Tall Fescue grass.






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