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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • Do you have to treat for the Chafer Beetle every year?

    There are theories that eventually the Chafer Beetle, through natural processes, will no longer be a threat in Vancouver.  However, until that day arrives, YES you need to treat your lawn every year.  An effective summer treatment will largely eradicate the grubs from your lawn so that there is nothing for animals to dig-up several months later.  Each June the beetle leaves the lawn to mate and lay eggs again. Your lawn will be a potential new target each year.

  • My lawn is torn up what can I do?

    Fencing On a Damaged LawnOnce you begin to notice damage, it is unfortunately too late to kill the grub. The lawn is being targeted by animals because the large grubs are present in the lawn. When the grubs are this large they cannot be killed through organic or low toxicity treatments.

    All you can do at this point is to try to protect your lawn from receiving more damage. Some people have had some success putting down mesh or wire to dissuade animals from targeting your property. The only real solution is to learn from your mistake and treat the following summer so that it is dramatically less likely to be torn up again.


  • What services are included when you cut my lawn?

    A regular visit includes mowing the grass with either a rotary or reeler mower, trimming the edges both vertically and horizontally with the line trimmer as well as clearing the sidewalks and patio areas with the blower.

    Typically, we use your green bin to dispose of the grass. If you would like us to take away for you, there is a small fee.

  • Do you take away the grass?

    When we are Power Raking in the spring all of our packages include green debris removal.

    For regular cutting we will use your green bin to dispose of the grass. If for any reason you would like us to take the grass away, we will do so for a small fee.

  • Will you still cut my grass when it is due even if it doesn’t need it?

    In the hot dry summer months grass growth can really slow down. Unless you ask us to come on a specific schedule, no matter what, we may use our judgement to delay a cut.

  • How do I get billed?

    We create monthly invoices. Normally you will receive an invoice within the first week of each month for the previous month of work.

    Your invoice will either be sent in the mail or by email if requested.

  • How can I pay you?

    When you get your invoice you have two options to pay.

    1. Mail a cheque to the address provided on the invoice


    2. Visit to pay by Visa or Mastercard.